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How Often to Mow Your Lawn

Cutting your grass isn’t only about aesthetics. It’s very important for your lawn’s growth and it’s overall health.

The best way to keep your grass looking beautiful and healthy is by mowing it correctly. If your turf is already problematic, cutting the grass improperly can make it even worse. Sometimes it’s best to get an expert to cut your grass for you.

A proper cut will improve your turf grass in a number of ways:

  • The grass will grow denser.
  • Fewer weeds will pop up.
  • Active growth will be promoted.
  • Keeps it looking great.


When to Cut Grass

Restricting the grass’ vertical growth by mowing it frequently and correctly will promote its lateral growth. This gives that lush thick look every lawn owner strives for.

Have these things in mind when deciding how often you should mow your lawn:

Time of year – You can let your grass grow taller in winter to catch more light. Letting it grow taller during summer droughts will also help with water retention.

Weather conditions – Frequent rains will make the grass grow faster, thus requiring more mowing. Also, you should never cut your grass in the heat as it can damage it.

Lawn’s growth patterns – Patches of your lawn that are in shade should be cut longer. This allows them to catch more sun.

Fertilisation – The more you feed it the faster it grows.

The optimal frequency for most types of grass is once every week.

However, this is not something you should keep a tight schedule for. Learn to recognise when your grass has outgrown its optimal height, and mow only then. This solely depends on the type of grass you’ve chosen for your turf.

The Importance of Regular Mowing

When you cut the grass you allow it to shoot off fresh new blades, promoting thicker growth. This is also an opportunity for the plant to rejuvenate itself and grow stronger.

A good proper mowing means less time-solving problems with your turf, which, as we can all agree, is awesome.

One of the most common causes of an unhealthy patchy lawn is mowing it the wrong way. In fact, around two-thirds of the problems are because of it.

Mowing your lawn too short will negatively impact the root system and weaken the plant as it will require much more energy to rejuvenate.

Always cut no shorter than one-third of its length.

It’s also very important not to cut the grass too often. The stress on the roots will make it difficult to send new grass blades up. A weak and unhealthy lawn can quickly fall victim to weeds and diseases. It will also be harder for it to deal with drought.