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Why Trim Hedges?

Pruning shrubs and trimming hedges is an art. To be effective, it has to be done correctly at the right time. Good pruning will help plant growth, eliminate insect infestation and diseases, give a boost to the flowers and fruits of the plant and make it more healthy overall. Pruning correctly varies between different species and research on the specific variety is required before attempting to prune them yourself.

For pruning to be effective, it needs to be done regularly. Needless to say, it can be very time-consuming. If you don’t know the correct technique or time for pruning, you can do more harm to your hedges than good. To this extent, it’s best to consult with a garden maintenance professional. If correctly maintained, hedges and shrubs will hugely beautify your garden.

hedge trimming


Tropical storms, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms are common here in Melbourne. Keeping your hedges and shrubs properly trimmed down will help to prevent broken branches from causing more damage to your property. Expertly pruned healthy shrubbery will also reduce the threat to your family and passersby, by minimising flying debris.

Outside of bad weather, pruning your shrubs can clear your high traffic areas, and stop the foliage from blocking sunlight for your lower growing plants and underlying beds.

Environmentally friendly

A craftily trimmed hedge is beautiful natural fencing, that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. A freshly pruned hedge is a beautiful sight. Hedges and shrubs are fantastic features in a garden, increasing the curb appeal of your property. The only caveat is that it requires more maintenance. Additionally, proper pruning carried out by professionals will drastically reduce or eliminate the need for chemical additives to your garden, as it helps promote health.

Plant health

Cutting dead or diseased branches from the hedge prevents a variety of harmful insects from settling inside the plant and possibly infecting the rest of your garden. Additionally, it can outright stop the development of a disease it may have caught.

Pruning will also help the hedge to focus on fresh growth like better fruit, larger flowers, and new shoots instead of producing woody a woody stem.