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The Easiest Way to Get Your Lawn Back in Shape

Are you feeling it is time for your lawn to get a new cut, but you planned something else for the weekend? Is the grass in need of good care and regular maintenance, but your free time is scarce and you could do with some help?

Paul's_Landscape_Before_and_After_3We understand that lawn mowing could be an overwhelming job and this is where we come to offer our assistance. With Paul’s services, you will not have to worry about anything. No matter if it is a regular or one-off service and regardless of the type and size of your property our reliable team will take professional care of your lawn to keep the grass in beautiful and healthy condition.
We will do the job for you and will do it right.

How it works:

Book your one-time mowing session or regular service for time and date that suit your schedule and requirements. We made it easy – just pick up the phone and give us a call or use our online booking form, designing the service by yourself with just a few clicks.
Job Completion on the day of the appointment our professionals will arrive promptly at your premises anywhere in Melbourne, with the modern equipment and all the necessary tools, required for the job. We build a team of skilled technicians who have the know-how and the experience to get your lawn back in good shape and what’s more – to keep it that way.
Enjoy Result. Delivering a quality service of the highest standard, at every job, for each and every customer, is not just a challenge or a goal, it has become our company mission. A job is considered done when we see beautiful, green and healthy lawn and a happy customer.

Why Choose Paul’s Professional Lawn Mowing Service:

It is a customisable hourly-based service. That means the technician will do as much as possible within the time booked. If the mowing job is completed earlier, he will do additional tasks upon your recommendation. That may be everything related to lawn care or even more general gardening tasks.
You will get inspection on the lawn’s overall condition as well as a free advice on how to look after your specific type of lawn/grass and any special plants or areas in your garden.

With Paul’s there will be no compromises with the quality. We designed our service aiming to give your lawn that perfect, impeccable look while doing everything we can to keep the rates from cutting into your budget.

There are a number of mistakes that people can make, when taking care of their lawns. From over-watering, over-fertilising and cutting the grass with dull blades to simply not knowing what grass they have, when they move to a new home, leaving the grass to grow too tall or skipping regular mowing. With the expert lawn services provided by Paul’s Mowing Melbourne you can be sure that your lawn will not be an example of the mowing worst sins or any gardening mistakes. On the contrary, we’ll never cut corners and won’t stop until your lawn looks its best.

Looking for More Than Just Mowing?

A vivid and perfectly cut lawn can be the dazzling accent outdoors and a reason for envy but it’s not enough to say that you own the dream garden. There are other tasks that need to be handled, other plants that require attention and care. We know that and we got you covered. We upgraded our service portfolio in order to answer all our customers’ requests.

If your garden could benefit from the touch of a professional and some gardening magic, give us a call or book your service online today.